About Martin Cooper

Wireless technology inventor, entrepreneur, and corporate executive Martin Cooper was an early pioneer in cellular communication. He led the team who created the first portable cell phone and is known as the “Father of the Handheld Cell Phone”. He continues to bring new ideas to the industry with his solution-based innovation. For 21 years, He is Chairman at Dyna LLC, a telecommunications company that works to incubate companies with an emphasis on wireless communications technology and market driven solutioms. Along with his wife and co-founder Arlene Harris, who is also a serial entrepreneur, Martin Cooper created Dyna LLC in 1988. Ms. Harris and Mr. Cooper founded GreatCall, which developed Jitterbug, a phone service that simplifies cell phone use and minimizes cost for people who find other cellular technology complicated and expensive. In 1992, Martin Cooper co-founded ArrayComm, LLC, a company that develops multi-antenna signal processing software used in more than 300,000 different base units internationally. Mr. Cooper currently works as Chairman for ArrayComm, LLC. With over 9 years of continued success, ArrayComm’s inventors and technical experts have patented more than 450 advanced concepts. A member of the United States Department of Commerce Spectrum Advisory Committee, which advises the Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Martin Cooper uses his background in wireless technology to help make important recommendations regarding spectrum policy and allocation.

Martin Cooper earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology which also awarded him an honorary doctorate and on whose board he is a lifetime trustee. He has received numerous awards and honors including the Prince of Asturias prize, the IEEE Centennial Medal, and a Webbies lifetime contribution award.

When they are not working hard on wireless telecommunication development, Martin Cooper and Arlene Harris enjoy playing tennis, skiing, and spending time with their two children and four grandchildren.


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